Cape Town, We Have Arrived!

After a short flight, I have finally arrived in the Western Cape!  Even though we have only been here for less than a full day, we have already seen a number of fantastic sights.  Our first stop was to the gorgeous V&A Waterfront, where hundreds of wonderful shops and restaurants are situated along the harbor.  I was stunned by all of the unique establishments I saw inside the mall, including caviar à la carte, an exclusive club-members only espresso bar, Marlboro Originals clothing, a variety of male-only salons, and even an old English shaving shop that looked like it came straight out of Sweeney Todd!

Once we had successfully perused through a large part of the shopping area, we stopped at the famous Nobu at the One and Only Hotel for sushi!  The entire staff shouts out a welcome in Japanese whenever a new customer arrives, which is really unique.  It was definitely a night of firsts, as I tried hand roll sushi (basically a cone-shaped sushi roll) and eggplant tempura for the first time!  I believe it was Madonna who said that “You can tell how much fun a city is going to be if Nobu has a restaurant in it.”  So far, Cape Town is looking pretty fun! 🙂

Speaking of fun, we concluded the evening by venturing out to Cape Town’s trendiest street, Long Street.  Here we saw a lot of great hostels, restaurants, and shops.  We decided to visit the vibrant Mama Africa for a late night bite, which was an incredible experience!  We were treated to excellent live music by the house marimba band while we dined.  The menu featured a number of game dishes that I have never seen offered in the United States, such as crocodile kebabs and venison sausage, in addition to steaks of the springbok, ostrich, and kudu medley.  Not exactly my cup of tea, but I did enjoy a meal of the butternut squash variety, which is one of my favorite South African staples!  We also tried a delicious dessert platter that included the famous South African confection, Malva pudding, and a variation of banana’s foster called banana flame.  It was an exceptional first evening in Cape Town, and I can’t wait to continue exploring the city tomorrow!

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