A South African July Fourth

July Fourth may be a quintessentially American holiday, but that did not stop us from celebrating here in South Africa!  Our advisors hosted a wonderful celebration for us, complete with delicious food hot off the grill and red, white, and blue streamers.  To add a distinctly South African touch, we also enjoyed a milk tart dessert that featured the South African flag design!  Despite the hurricane weather that made for an especially windy evening, it was really fun to celebrate an American holiday while abroad.

This celebration took place at my professor’s home, which deserves a detailed description in itself!  A house inhabited by a professor and a textile artist is really nothing less than a small museum.  It was great to see a variety of unique artifacts from around the world, particularly the intricate ones of Indian, Middle Eastern, and Native American origins.  The predominately warm colors from these pieces instantly caught our eye as we walked through the rooms!  I also learned a bit more about the enormous amount of patience required to produce beautiful textile works.  My professor’s wife creates about four quilts per year, with each piece taking 2-3 months to complete.  She lives in the United States for a large part of the year, as she debuts her artwork in exhibits in Santa Fe and elsewhere in the southwestern U.S.  I have such a strong appreciation for someone who is this dedicated to art, and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to view some of her beautiful works this evening!

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