Adapting to the Kiff Lifestyle

Durban is known for its laid-back atmosphere and year-long balmy weather that continually attracts the young and old alike.  Whether you’re a surfer, skater, golfer, or simply a beach bum, you are bound to find happiness in the leisurely lifestyle of a typical Durbanite.  Today I relaxed at a popular surf and skate shop called Peg, which offers equipment, clothing, cafe style food, and complimentary wifi to all patrons.  It was great to see a reminder of West Coast USA culture in the heart of South Africa!

Peg World

The owners at Peg were kind enough to share with me a few South African slang words, in addition to some novelty foods and regional English term differentiations .  Here are some of my favorites:

Bru – pal, bro

Kiff – cool, awesome

Siff – awful, disgusting

Lekker – good, fun

Sharp/Sharp-Sharp – cool

Shot – thanks

SMS – text message

Robot – traffic light

Lift – elevator

Toilet – bathroom

Garage – gas station

Petrol – gasoline

Antie – older female

Platt – braid

Biltong – relative of beef jerky

Bunny Chow – curry served in a hollowed-out loaf of bread

Chips – French fries

Tomato Sauce – ketchup

Jelly – Jello

Peri-Peri – source of chili pepper, often used in sauces

Avo – avocado

Rocket – arugula

Aubergine – eggplant

Rooibos – popular tea

Appletiser/Grapetiser – sparkling fruit juice drinks

Serviette – napkin

For more great “Surfrikan” slang phrases, check out this Wavescape post.

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