Durban at Last!

Durban Beachfront!

After a short flight from Johannesburg, I have finally arrived in the beautiful city of Durban!  This city is everything I could have ever hoped for and more.  The Indian Ocean has the most iridescent blue color I have ever seen.  All along the beach, local artists have constructed monumental sand art structures for all to admire!  We dined at a beachfront restaurant called Moyo, where patrons are treated to gorgeous views, traditional African dishes, and even face painting.  I feel like I am in retro Miami!

One of the first details I instantly noticed (other than the driving on the left-hand side of the road, of course) was the vast number of francophone people I overheard at the airport, in restaurants, at the university, and simply around town.  It turns out that South Africa is now home to many French Congolese and Rwandan immigrants who fled during times of war and genocide.  I hope that I will have the opportunity to polish my French conversation skills and learn more about the experiences of Francophones living in South Africa!

Once we unpacked and settled in, we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Roma, the revolving restaurant overlooking the city skyline.  I cannot believe that this will be my home for the next few weeks, and I’m excited to document everything I see and do!

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